NORTH Interview With The Sudbury Star

North featured in the Sudbury StarNORTH got some hometown love from the Sudbury Star today with an interview.

In all storytelling, whether it be novels, comics, film, it’s escapism,” said Sawyer, who mentioned The Watchmen as his favourite comic book. “It literally transports you. It puts you in a different place and makes you part of something you’re not, but yet you are.

“Somebody called comic books a morality play, and I think they were right because it does grapple with a lot of questions of right and wrong, good and evil, and if it’s well written, even the graze in between.”

But Sawyer put comic books on the back burner as he pursued what he believed to be more sustainable careers in social service work, and law and justice at Cambrian College and Laurentian University…

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