We’ve Launched NORTH on Kickstarter!

kickstarter_liveAs this is my first Kickstarter campaign, I expect that as in life, there will be bumps along the way. Having said that, here’s what we have in place to maximize our chances at completing NORTH….

So far my collaboration with our colourist has been wonderful and rewarding. He has been with us from the start (see test pages as shown in the campaign) and has reassured me he is in it for the long haul. Fast and dependable, he is a pleasure to work with and I know he will do his best to manage his schedule and again dazzle us with his colors and quickly bring this book to completion once funds are in place.

Issue #1 of NORTH is already written and pencilled, as are issues 2 and 3. In a sense, the book is all ready to go but for the colours and lettering.

As for the things we cannot foresee, I will keep everyone up to date on whatever those things are and what’s being done about it.

Thanks for checking us out!

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