SCOTT SAWYER - Creator/Writer/Illustrator

A consummate story-teller born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario, Scott Sawyer is a film-maker with several films written, optioned and/or produced, including his feature film One Good Reason. He has spent the last six years writing and illustrating the first volume of NORTH... a new story honouring the best of comics we grew up with and marrying those simple pleasures with more evolved story expectations. A mild-mannered father by day and diplomatic doorman by night, NORTH has been a labor of love forged in the hours between.



ANDREW THOMAS - Lettering/Graphic Support

Andrew Thomas has been an illustrator and cartoonist for over 5 years working for entertainment, publishing and commercial companies such as Hound Comics, K&K Productions, FastRack and Warski Films. His comic work includes covers and interiors for Captain Canuck, PostHuman and his own creator owned series featuring Canada's own Auric of the Great White North.


FALK - Colorist

Falk is a colorist/force of nature we are proud to have aboard NORTH... with us from the beginning and looking forward to working with him on the many issues to come.

You can find Falks artwork on his Deviantart page here: